To promote equitable solutions for the improvement of Black lives.

About Us

Our organization's priority is to advocate for the implementation of legislation that provides equity, and access for Black and Brown communities. We are also focused on increasing civic engagement, community outreach and fostering youth leaders. 

We envision a society where historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities can organize around common goals. 


Strategy For Black Lives recognizes the need for our advocacy to translate into real legislative change on local, state, and federal levels. Our legislative demands are centered around four core topics that have a direct impact on the quality of Black lives around our country. 

Education, Criminal Justice, Housing, and Health. 

Our organization is focused on advances access in education, accountability in the criminal justice system, equal healthcare, and the economic advancement within the Black community.


Criminal Justice



Civic engagement and community outreach are the core pillars that our organization was founded on. 

If you are interested in volunteering with our team, or seeking to support our organization, please click the link below. 



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