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It's A Strategy 




Strategy for Black Lives was started as an idea in May of 2020 by three young, BIPOC men from Brooklyn who decided that it was time for the younger generations to step into the activist fold and take charge of their own movement. The movement was built on uncommon ground, prioritizing policy reform while equally standing out during actions.

The movement expanded rapidly into a large scale non-profit organization with over 30 members from across New York State. We’ve attended over 70+ marches, conferences, protests, and all other types of actions you could think of to ensure that the voices of BIPOC people are heard not only in the streets, but in the City Halls and on Senate floors.



However, we couldn’t do this alone without the support of our communities and most importantly, each other. The average age of our members upon creation of the organization was 21 and much guidance was needed to navigate uncharted waters when dealing with situations we never encountered before.


Because of this, we want to give back to our own community and provide two students with the opportunity to continue the work we and many other organizations before and after us have done and/or will do.

Two Students Will Recieve

  • *A $750 grant to be utilized in pursuing their college education. This pertains, but is not limited to, tuition, housing, meals, etc. 

  • Access to mentoring by Strategy for Black Lives members for guidance and assistance in daily activities

  • Access to all work resources Strategy for Black Lives has to offer such as volunteer opportunities, community service, internships, etc.

  • Strategy for Black Lives membership^

How To Apply 

To apply, you MUST EMAIL with your:


  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Proof that you live in New York State

  • A picture of your most up-to-date high school transcript

  • Proof of upcoming attendance to a college/university

  • 750-word maximum, double-spaced essay answering this prompt: Who are you and what would be your Strategy for Black Lives?  OR A 2-minute maximum video answering the prompt.

Deadline: April 1st, 2021


  • A New York State resident

  • A graduating high school senior attending college in Fall 2021

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) origin

Important Information

After submission, the CEO of Strategy for Black Lives will choose 5-10 applicants (based on the number of total applicants) to partake in an interview to determine the 2 recipients of this year’s It’s A Strategy scholarship.

*If a recipient spends money on any item that does not fit the standard, they may be subject to returning the incorrectly spent amount.

^The recipient may choose to deny membership, however, the option will always be available.

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